Imagine being out and about, and a fun opportunity comes along.

Are you ready?

Or do you just tell yourself you’ll do it next time because you don’t have XYZ with you?

Ready to Add More Adventure to Your Life?

See a perfect picnic spot or park to play in?  You’ve got everything you need.  Run across live music or an outdoor market?  You are ready.  Long, boring wait at a restaurant?  Or the kids are just getting antsy?  You’re prepared to entertain them.

I know you are beyond busy (so am I!), but taking a few minutes today gathering your everyday adventure supplies and putting them in your car will mean you are ready no matter where the day takes you.

I keep my supplies in a large tote in the back of our minivan – if we take the Wrangler, we can just grab the bag and go.  I always have the extra supplies in the garage near the cars so they can be added if needed.  Then, twice a year when the weather changes, add the seasonal extras.

    Easy and convenient.

Best of all, it’s FREE to do this – so what’s stopping you from jumping on the road to being ready to create adventure anywhere it appears?

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