Monthly Essential Oil Specials!

If you decide to sign up as a distributor (and you should consider it for the discount if you think you’ll order lots of oils!), there are great specials every month.  It’s always like a fun little surprise in your mailbox each month!!!

September Specials –

If you join (or are already a distributor) and place an Essential Rewards order for 100 PV, 190 PV,  250 PV or 300 PV (PV is similar to $$ spent, and essential rewards is a monthly order for oils/vitamins/etc. – which you can change each month depending upon what you want/need – I am happy to help you understand this – just contact me) this month, you’ll get some useful oils to enjoy this year:

Order 100 Essential Rewards PV and receive a free 5-ml bottle of Oregano Vitality – I’ve been making batches and batches of marinara for the freezer so I could use more of this one!

Order 190 PV and receive a 5-ml Peace & Calming (great for diffusing at night for the kiddos) plus if you are on Essential Rewards, a bonus of 5-ml bottles of Oregano and Thieves Vitality  (since Thieves is our Oil of the Month so you’ll use a ton of it after this month!!!).

Order 250 PV and receive everything from the 190 PV list plus a bottle of Inner Defense.

Order 300 PV and recieve everything from the 250 PV plus a 15-ml Cool Azul  AMAZING DEAL!

Curious about how or why to use any of these oils or products?  Contact me and I’ll share some tips for each one.

The best way to get the specials for a new member is to order the Everyday Oils Kit (will give you 100 PV) and then order whatever extra oils you’d like to get you to the level you want to achieve this month.  Now that Young Living has MAKE-UP – between that, supplements, replacing oils you love and use and trying new ones, it’s a piece of cake to maintain 100 PV.  If you go at this as a business you’ll find it easy to maintain the higher levels of PV AND you can get the freebies as well as hopefully pay for some of your oils as a bonus!

The Everyday Oils Kit includes most of the oils you will reach for daily – so you’ll be all set.  Add the oils for the next few months, and maybe another Lemon (cause you’ll use up the small one QUICKLY), or Thieves, Lavender and Peppermint – more oils you’ll frequently use.  Or how about adding Tea Tree? – that’s one you can use to revolutionize your cleaning.  That will get you to a higher PV.  Or try out a few that might be useful for YOUR family – check this website and you can search common ailments to determine which oils are your best bet.


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