What’s YOUR excuse? Turn it around!


By now, you are two weeks into achieving your spring into summer goals.  Have you made progress?  Or given up? We often start a new program or regime excited and full of enthusiasm only to find our motivation and drive dying out after just a few weeks.  We start making excuses for not following through.  Sound familiar? If you've given up or … [Read more...]

Weekly Goals May 18 – 24

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What a crazy week!  My hubby was out of town from Wednesday to Sunday so I got a small taste of what it's like for you single mama's - lots of scheduling for sure.  It's going to be another busy week, but with this beautiful weather I am doing my best to enjoy as much of it as possible (i.e. get outside daily!). Last Week’s … [Read more...]

Spring Into Summer – Week 2

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Do you have your list of goals from last week?  If not, take a few minutes, read THIS post, come up with your personalized list, and re-join us. This week, we are going to create specific action plans and outline the steps to achieve our May goals.  Hopefully you completed your jump-start step from last week and are already seeing progress.  If … [Read more...]

Weekly Goals May 11 – 17

Trying out a "cleaner" look for my blog - still playing with it, so I apologize if anything is acting weird - please let me know if you see something I miss.  Hopefully I'll have it all together in the next few days!  Felt like a great week last week, but looking at my goals I didn't finish quite a bit - oh well, I still enjoyed it! Last Week’s … [Read more...]

Spring Into Summer


Summer is on it's way!  Do you feel ready?  Met ANY of your New Year's Goals yet? With just a month until June, you might feel inclined to just give up on being summer ready, but DON'T!  In four short weeks you can make a real difference in how you feel and can be ready for an amazing summer. This month we are going to do an abbreviated … [Read more...]

Need a Blog Makeover?

I am seeing blog makeovers right and left these days - I'm not sure why, maybe it's the fresh Spring air, but everyone (me included) seems to want something new and pretty!  If this sounds like you too, you MUST check this deal out by Blogelina. For Mother's Day, they are offering 1000 (yes, you read that right - 1000) blog makeovers for a $10 … [Read more...]

Weekly Goals May 4 – 10

Weekly goals

A new month - a new chance to keep on top of my weekly goals!  I'm actually playing around with a new schedule this week - my travel is hopefully coming to an end, and with the new puppy I've spent my days working in the kitchen instead of the office, which is good for him, but BAD for my office and paperwork situation! Last Week’s … [Read more...]

April 2015 Favorite Books!

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  I read an interesting mix of books this month - some were great, some just okay.  You can find all of them listed HERE (just look at the last two pages for April books). My favorites: I really enjoyed this book - it was different from what I typically pick up.   The story is told from the point of view of a man who is … [Read more...]

Encourage Your Kids to Grow

Did you try something new last week?  I read a book in a genre I normally wouldn't (The Law of Divine Compensation: On Work, Money, and Miracles) and found myself actually taking notes!  It was so interesting, I put a hold on a similar book at my local library. Just like it's important to always be learning and growing yourself, it is also worth … [Read more...]