Take a Vacation at Home

downtown disney

Last week I shared how to eat healthy at Disney and although I do love a big summer vacation, I get that it's not feasible for everyone.  It might be finances stopping you, or maybe just time.  Regardless, there are still so many fun things to do that give you the feel of being on vacation without the travel and cost. Ready for some inexpensive … [Read more...]

Weekly Goals June 22 – 28th

Last Week’s Goals Business Complete my most dreaded task first every day Keep up with coaching coursework Submit a guest post Prospecting – I have room for 3 ladies this month, so check it out HERE if you are interested! Personal Read 2 books - Happiness for Beginners: A Novel and Luckiest Girl Alive: A Novel Drink 6 glasses … [Read more...]

Yes, you CAN eat healthy at Disney World!


Whew!  We just got back from a whirlwind trip to Disney World.  It was the shortest trip there we've ever taken - so short we flew and didn't rent a car.  Which means we were totally dependent upon "The World" for all our food.  For a family that eats pretty well and mostly at home, that was a bit daunting. In particular, I was concerned about … [Read more...]

Weekly Goals June 15 – 21

After a fun-filled week in Orlando with the family (more on that later), I'm ready to get back to my weekly goals: Last Week’s Goals Business Complete my most dreaded task first every day Keep up with coaching coursework Submit a guest post Schedule blog posts for June for week’s I’ll be on vacation! Personal Read 2 books - Love … [Read more...]

My 5 Top Tips for Staying Healthy while Flying

Airplane over ocean.

For some reason, 2015 has been a year of air travel for me.  Typically I take TWO trips a year via plane - one for work and one for fun.  This year, I'm scheduled for my 8th flight by the end of June. To say I've gotten better at healthy air travel would be quite accurate. My Top 5 Tips for Healthy Flying: 1.  Bring a water bottle.  For … [Read more...]

May 2015 Book Reviews

Not a heavy reading month for me, but I did find a few I enjoyed.  I also stocked up on a bunch of books to read this summer!  For a list of all of my 2015 reading (last pages will be May), click HERE.  Now for the best of May: Non-fiction Being a health geek, I found this book quite entertaining.  There are so many contradicting health … [Read more...]

Weekly Goals June 1 – 7

It's JUNE!  In my mind that means summer is here.  Kids are out of school this week so my schedule gets a little weird - the first few weeks are always a bit challenging to try to figure out how to balance being a mom who's around all day while still trying to get my work done. Last Week’s Goals Business Complete my most dreaded task first … [Read more...]

Spring Into Summer – Week 4


What a quick month, right?  How did you do on your goals from week 1?  Success I hope?  Anything you need to tweak or improve upon for next month?  Now that the month is over, I encourage you to look back on your early May list and pick two more areas to work on, then repeat the process in June. Little steps create big results. This month … [Read more...]

What’s YOUR excuse? Turn it around!


By now, you are two weeks into achieving your spring into summer goals.  Have you made progress?  Or given up? We often start a new program or regime excited and full of enthusiasm only to find our motivation and drive dying out after just a few weeks.  We start making excuses for not following through.  Sound familiar? If you've given up or … [Read more...]