August 2015 Books

Sneak Peek

My kids went back to school in August, but sports haven't started full force yet, so I haven't had as much time to read this month.  Next month when I'm waiting around for swim practice to be over I'm sure I'll pick up the pace!  Regardless, I did read some great books this month: Fiction What a fun book to read!  When Sophie … [Read more...]

Weekly Goals August 24th – 30th

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Last week wasn't as productive for me - a combination of little annoying issues (computer, last minute phone calls, etc.) and just general "I don't feel like working" syndrome.  Oh well - it's a new week - fresh start, right?  Last Week’s Goals Business Keep up with coaching coursework Submit a guest post Hold Back to School Essential … [Read more...]

Let’s Spend THIS Fall Learning!

Sneak Peek

This month I'm finishing up a year long life coach training program.  I've learning so many amazing tools in the past year - tools that I've been able to put to good use with the ladies I coach.  However, knowing that this course is ending, I've been giving some thought as to how I'd like to fill that time.  I definitely want to spend more time … [Read more...]

Weekly Goals August 17 – 23

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What a productive week!  Amazing since I didn't get as much sleep as I truly need - our poor puppy had a stomach bug so that was a bit challenging . . . I'm really excited about what I've got coming up for the rest of the year - I've got some fun plans that you'll hear more about Wednesday - so make sure and come back to check that out.  Also … [Read more...]

Essential Oils for the School Year

back to school

It's week two of school here in my neck of the woods, so we are fully back to the grind.  Time for me to stock up on the essential oils I use the most in the Fall! So what exactly am I most fond of ordering (and using) during this season?  Here are the oils I reach for most often in August and September: Lavender - this one is a daily oil in … [Read more...]

Weekly Goals August 10th – 16th

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Really productive week!  I got a lot done - I think having a few hours each day with no one else at home was a big help with that!  Ready for another great week . . . Last Week’s Goals Business Keep up with coaching coursework Submit a guest post Marketing plan for August 17th Teleconference (will be on Back to School Essential Oils so … [Read more...]

End Summer Vacation with a Blast!

summer fun

How has your summer been?  Have you accomplished all the fun things you wanted to?  Or has it just gone by in a big blur and you really don't know what happened?  Regardless, it's not too late to end summer with a blast!  Even if your kids are back to school (or going soon), you can still enjoy the last month of typically hot summer weather.   For … [Read more...]

Weekly Goals August 3rd – August 9th

First Day of School!  I now have a Middle School child which is just crazy to me - how the time has flown!!!  My little guy is in 3rd Grade - not so little anymore.  Last week was VERY productive - it's great how much I can accomplish when I'm feeling healthy.  The weekend was a blur with Swim Divisionals - not the best way to spend the last … [Read more...]

My Favorite Books from July 2015


I didn't read nearly as much in July as I did in June - a combination of just being busy with the kids and being sick half the month (some pesky little bug that wouldn't go away!), but I did still read a few really good ones.  HERE is the entire list, below are my favorites. Non-fiction What a great compilation of productivity experts and … [Read more...]

Weekly Goals July 27 – August 2

Weekly Goals

This is the LAST week of summer break (amazing that the kids go back to school August 3rd!!!).  With swim divisionals coming up this weekend and my daughter going to Middle School (gasp!), it's going to be a BUSY and a bit emotional week.  Trying to plan some fun things to celebrate and enjoy our last full week of summer! Last Week’s … [Read more...]