Slow Down: What’s YOUR Why?

Reflections, Moat Castle Loevestein

As my focus this month is all about slowing down and creating a simpler life, it makes sense before we get too far into the month to delve a bit into the reasoning.  Why is this such a desire for so many of us?  If you look around, most people are living a busy, full life - and we have been conditioned to think that this is normal and a indication … [Read more...]

Favorite Books from September 2015


Another month of reading finished!  It feels like I spent half of September in the car, so I definitely should have picked up some books on CD this month.  Regardless I did read some great books (and some that were just okay).  The full list is HERE. FICTION Well, normally I'd start this review by stating that I don't typically read … [Read more...]

Did I Eat That Frog?


What a fun month!  I have completely enjoyed working my way through Eat That Frog!: 21 Great Ways to Stop  Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time.  One day, one step at a time seems just right.  It's been easy to read a short chapter and then implement the steps/ suggestions each day. The big question is ... has it worked? I'd be … [Read more...]

Let’s SLOW DOWN & Simplify in October

October books

As promised, I want to give you time to check out the next month's books at the library or order them from the bookstore.  So, here's a little taste of what I'll be working on/ reviewing in October: So I've had this book for a few years now and have "started" it several times but I just don't follow through.  Which is crazy since many of … [Read more...]

Jump Start Your Day

give yourself time

How are your mornings going?  Fully into the back to school routine?  Or are you feeling frazzled and at a loss as to how they fly by with you feeling stressed, yelling and rushing?  If this sounds familiar, I encourage you to watch this replay of my latest Google+ Hangout - it's only ten minutes and I share my best ideas on how to jump start your … [Read more...]

Am I REALLY Becoming More Productive?


Yes, I think I have been! It's been a ton of fun working through Eat That Frog!: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time this month and actually completing the action steps each day.  This book is chock full of terrific tips for improving your productivity and getting the RIGHT things done.  Earlier in the month, I … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle

Don’t you wish you had affordable short-cuts to make healthy living easier? Are you tired of trying to make a Whole Foods lifestyle work on a Trader Joe’s budget? I get it. You want the best for your family. You want to raise healthy kids, have strong immune systems, be more fit and energetic, and be intentional about creating a natural home, … [Read more...]

Enjoy Fall to the Fullest!

Patio lights

We are well into September so I think we can consider Summer officially over.  Most kids have gone back to school (mine have been in school for over a month now) and the weather is finally getting a bit cooler. Early Fall is one of my all-time favorite times of the year.  It seems like there is so much going on and the weather is often beautiful … [Read more...]

Week 1 Productivity Update


Have you been playing along with me this month?  There is still plenty of time to join!  Check out the details HERE. One week down - am I feeling more productive?  Yes, I actually am.  Even more important, I'm feeling more focused.  Several of the exercises from Eat That Frog!: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less … [Read more...]