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Do you feel like you are too busy to spend time with your friends this holiday season?  Ironic isn’t it since the holidays are supposed to be all about family and fellowship?

Ready for some solutions? 

Hopefully you took my last post to heart and started clearing out space in your life.  In the meantime, here are a few ideas for ways to spend time with friends even with a jam-packed schedule:

  • Join forces.  We all have chores that must be done each holiday season, right?  Why not do them with friends?  Get together and bake cookies, wrap gifts or do your holiday shopping.  Even a coffee date/ addressing Christmas cards session could be fun.  The key is to join forces and look at your tasks in a new light – a way to connect AND accomplish something!
  • School events.  Choir performances, sporting events, Christmas programs.  If you have school-aged kids, you have plenty of these events to attend.  If your friends also have kids attending, make it a point to sit together and then all go out afterwards for ice cream or hot chocolate.  The kids will love it as it will make a special event for them even more special, and you’ll get to spend some extra time with YOUR friends.
  • Host a holiday brunch.  By far the easiest meal to host (and the one I always did when my kids were little) is brunch.  Make an egg casserole the night before and then just buy everything else.  It’s perfectly acceptable to serve store-bought bagels or muffins and a fruit bowl.  Brew some coffee, set out a pitcher of juice (or even Bloody Mary’s) and the work is done.  What a lovely way to connect during a busy weekend – most people can spare an hour or two early in the day.  They’ll appreciate a good meal to start a crazy weekend and a chance to enjoy themselves before the day truly begins!

They key to spending time with friends during the holidays (or really anytime life is busy) is to look for the opportunities.  They are out there – it just may require some creative thinking!

What are YOUR tips for connecting with friends during the holidays?  If you’ve come up with something that works, please share in the comments – we all learn best from each other!

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